science magic barters the periodic table

Bartering the periodic table at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Part of the Long Winter Take Over”
Science Magic develops a new currency for Art Fairs and Markets based on the periodic table of elements. Part of the Long Winter Art Market Takeover at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. January 2014.

The Science Magic Art Economy: Bartering the Periodic Table of Elements.

We here at Science Magic will be launching our new elemental barter system during Long Winter’s Artist Bizarre for First Thursdays at the AGO: Januray 2nd, 2014.

Since Science Magic doesn’t have any art to sell at the Artist Bizarre (duh), we thought that we’d barter off the table of elements instead. Why not? So come by and swap some aluminum for carbon dioxide, some nickel for oxygen, or even some combination of Ag, As, Au, Cd, Cu, Hg, Fe, Pb, Se, Sr, U and Zn for a single grain of Na. You may even be able to afford some art once we’ve readjusted these value system; hording the free packets of salt from the downstairs café in order to buy that old Rubens in the back.