Precarity at The Roundtable Residency

The Roundtable Residency is a six-week art residency at The Dragon Academy in Toronto, ON.

The Roundtable Residency is an annual five-week-long summer artist residency program hosted at The Dragon Academy, an independent school in downtown Toronto. The goal of the residency is to provide emerging artists from across North America- and from a range of visual art disciplines, including installation, performance, and sound works- with a free studio space in which to work on distinct projects within a peer-to-peer mentoring community.

Selected artists are encouraged to work on communal, collaborative as well as individual projects throughout the residency term. Artists have the opportunity to connect with the broader arts community through weekly scheduled workshops, lecture series, and discussion groups hosted by select Toronto and Ontario art world professionals at The Dragon Academy.

Roundtable culminates in a final three-day public exhibition of finished works and works-in-progress.

In 2016, I was the Creative Director. The Theme: Precarity

Curators: Jennifer Laiwint, Julia Redding, Katie Lawson
Participating Artists: Adrienne Crossman,Richard Williams,sol Legault, Maximilian Suillerot, Jonathan Rotsztain, Maddy Mathews + Cotey Pope,Maya Ben David, Samantha Burns, Luke Siemens, Alison Postman, Rachel Lott, Emma Carney, Sanjit Dhillon, Lindsey Luckevich, Amy Siegel, Brett Despotovich, Lisa Smolkin, and Robbie Sinclair.

In 2015, I was a Curator, with Mackenzie Rhyason and Blair Swann.

The Creative Director was Neil LaPierre. The theme: Versus.
Participating Artists: Robin Clason, Connor Crawford, Zoe Downie-Ross, Miles Forrester, Halloway Jones, Kunsang Kyirong, sol Legault, Nadine Maher, Adria Mirabelli, Tough Guy Mountain, Aliya Pabani & Onyeka Igwe, Louise Reimer, Polina Teif, Joƫle Walinga & Dylin North and David Woodward.


The Roundtable Residency was founded by Morris Fox and Brandon Dalmer in 2013.

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