asking physicists about momentum

An email project.

Emailing theoretical and experimental physicists with the question- how do you negotiate the everyday tedium when professionally set against the backdrop of infinity? Developed at the Nes, Artist Residency, Skagaströnd, Iceland, March 2014.

Here is the email:
My name is Rebecca Noone. I am a Canadian artist, currently based out of Skagaströnd, Iceland. I’m sending this email to theoretical and experimental physicists from around the world in the hope of gaining new insights in old existential questions.

I feel that there is much to learn from you and other physicists who work towards creating windows into unchartered regions of reality and then manage to participate in the ordinary acts of maintenance and decision-making that characterize the day-to-day. I’m curious about how you negotiate everyday minutiae while professionally studying the simultaneous miracle and ineffectuality of human existence in an ever-expanding uni/multiverse. How do you push physics to its breaking point and then sit in traffic jams or order off menus or decide what to put on your morning toast? Not to undermine these acts. I think they inspire me as someone who struggles with even the most inconsequential of decisions.

You can respond to these questions in a single word or many sentences; it can be an intuitive reaction or a carefully considered reply. I am compiling these (all anonymous, unless citation is requested) with the intention to create a public art installation in Iceland. Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider your participation in this project. Feel free to ask me any questions.

So- how do you negotiate the everyday while professionally set against the backdrop of infinity?