PHD Candidate and Artist



Rebecca Noone

PhD Candidate | Artist 

Faculty of Information | University of Toronto


PhD Information Studies, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto. Exp. Winter, 2020. 

MMst Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, 2011.

BA, Hons History, Victoria University, University of Toronto, 2006.


Noone, R. (Forthcoming). Navigating the Threshold of Information Spaces. In J. Webb & S. Bedi (Eds.) Visualizing the Library: A Primer on visual research methods in Library and Information Sciences. London, UK: Facet Publishing.

Noone, R. (2018). Drawing Directions in the Age of the Readymade Map. Drain: A Journal of Contemporary Art and Culture, 15(1).

Hartel, J., Noone, R., Power, S., Dansanov, P., Oh, C., & Kelly, B. (2018). The iSquare Protocol: Combining Research, Art, Pedagogy through the Draw-and-Write Technique. Qualitative Research, 17(4), 1-18.

Noone, R. (2017). From Here To: Drawing New Notations of Space. Visual Methodologies, 5(1), 32-38.

Hartel, J., Noone. R., & Oh, C. (2017). The Creative Deliverable. Journal of Education in Library and Information Science, 58(6), 176-183.

Conference Papers and Panels

Noone, R. (2019). Reorienting Google Maps: drawing- and performance-based methods in action. Canadian Association for Information Science Annual Conference. 2019 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Vancouver, BC.

Noone, R. (2019). Line by Line: Drawing and Performing Spatial Orientations. International Visual Methods Conference 6. National University of Political Studies and Public Administration. Bucharest, RO. 

Noone, R. & Dewart McEwen, K. (2019). Drawing from the ‘Living Well’: Sidewalk Toronto’s Imagination of Healthy Futures. Meeting of the Society for the Social Studies of Science. New Orleans, LA. 

Noone, R. (2019). Directional lines: drawing and performing spatial orientations in the context of digital mapping platforms. International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry.  University of Illinois, at Urbana-Champaign, IL.

Noone, R. (2018). Counter-cartographies and alternative legibilites: reinscribing experiences beyond the smart city. University Arts Association of Canada Annual Conference. University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON.

Noone, R. (2018). Ambient Attentions: Drawing from 1960s conceptual art to explore contemporary conditions of location-based media. Making Media Theory Conference. Concordia University. Montreal, QC.

Noone, R. (2017). How to Ask for Directions in the Age of Locative Media. Universities Arts Association of Canada. The Banff Centre. Banff, AB.

Hartel, J., Noone, R., Power, S., Dansanov, P., Oh, C., & Kelly, B. (2015). Visualizing Information Worldwide.Association for Information Science and Technology Annual Meeting. St. Louis, MO.

Noone, R. (2015). Cues for Living. Contemporary Art, Design, and New Media Art Histories. Graduate Conference. Ontario College of Art and Design University. Toronto, ON.

Noone, R. (2014). The Analogue Internet: Comedy and the Futility of Mail Art. Critical Information Graduate Symposium. School of Visual Art. New York, NY.

Conference Colloquia, Panels, & Roundtables

Noone, R. (2019). Doctoral Colloquium at the iConference, 2019. University of Maryland, College Park, MA.

Walker, D. & Noone, R. (2018). Sidewalk Toronto and the Smart Sustainable City: A Walkshop. ICT4S 5thInternational Conference. Toronto, ON.

Hartel, J. & Noone. R. (2016). Analyzing visual data. iConference 2016. Philadelphia, PA.

Hartel, J. & Noone. R. (2016). Visualizing Information Workshop. Diagrams 2016: 9th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Diagrams. Philadelphia, PA.

Noone, R. (2016). Chair: Art and the Archive Roundtable.  TransCultural Exchange’s International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts, Engaging Minds. Boston University. Boston, USA.

Noone, R. (2015). Space is an Object in Brighton. International Visual Methods Conference. University of Brighton. Brighton, UK.

Noone, R. (2014). Session for The Analogue Internet: A Post Intervention. iConference: Context, Culture, Computing. Berlin, GR.

Conference Poster Sessions

Noone, R. (2017). Intervention as Performance, Intervention as Deception: Collecting Spontaneous Drawings in Situ. International Visual Methods Conference. Singapore, SG.

Noone, R. (2017). Drawing directions in an age of locative Media. International Visual Sociology Conference. Montreal, CA. (Awarded third prize in juried poster competition).

Noone, R. (2016). Perceptual Inventory: Art and Social Scientific Research. Diagrams 2016: 9th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Diagrams (Graduate Symposium). Philadelphia, PA.

Teaching and Education Experience, Academic

Institute for Communication, Culture, Information and Technology, University of Toronto Mississauga

Teaching Assistant, CCT335: Technology and the City. Fall 2019.

Teaching Assistant, CCT222: Political Economy of Communication, Culture, and Technology.Fall 2017 abd Fall 2018

Teaching Assistant, CCT110: Rhetoric and Media. Winter 2016 and Winter 2019

Teaching Assistant, CCT316: Art and Advertising. Winter 2017, Summer 2019

Teaching Assistant, CCT303: Communicating In and Between Organizations. Summer 2019.

Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, Master of Museum Studies Program

Teaching Assistant, MSL2000: Curatorial Practice. (Master’s Level Museum Studies). Winter 2018

Teaching Assistant, MSL4000 Exhibitions Project (Master’s Level Museum Studies). Winter 2015 & Fall/Winter 2015/2016; 2016/2017; 2017/2018; 2018/2019.

Teaching Assistant, MSL1500: Ethics, Leadership, Management (Master’s Level Museum Studies). Winter 2015 & Fall 2015 & Fall 2016

Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, Master of Information Studies Program

Teaching Assistant and Artistic Advisor, INF1300: Foundations of Library and Information Studies. Fall 2015 & Fall 2016 & Fall 2017

Honours and Awards

Social Science and Humanities Research Council, 2018-19, $20,000

Ontario Graduate Scholarship, 2015-16. $15,000

Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Summer 2017, $5,000

School of Graduate Studies Research Travel Grant, University of Toronto, 2018. $4200

Florence Partridge Award - Bursary, Summer and Fall 2018. $1,500 & $1700

Ethel W. Auster Scholarship for Doctoral Research – Fall 2018 - $2000

Faculty of Information Travel Award, University of Toronto, 2015 & 2019. $1,500 & $1500

Diagrams 2016 Graduate Symposium Award. 2016. $1,500